April 19, 2023

Home (Dick Lee), Performed by the Singapore Virtual Choir

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Over 900 voices of people living in Singapore together with Singaporeans from 26 countries around the world unite to sing for hope, strength, and love in the first ever Singapore Virtual Choir. We believe that music has the power to bring us together.

Singing the nation’s most well-loved song, “Home” written by Dick Lee with choral arrangement by Darius Lim, the Singapore Virtual Choir initiative has demonstrated the resilience of Singapore as a country. It has been incredibly heartwarming to witness the extraordinary strength, love and support from those in Singapore, as well as Singaporeans all around the world. Wherever we are in the world, we are proud to be the voices of our nation – We are SGUnited.

Presented by Voices of Singapore, supported by Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and partnered by Pink Noise and Createurs Productions.