Award-Winning Conductor and Internationally Published Composer

Darius Lim (Dr.) is an internationally published composer (Edition Peters, Walton Music, Pana Musica, Muziksea) and award-winning conductor. He is one of the most sought-after Singaporean choral composer-conductors working today, and is most known for his unique infusion of lyrical, dramatic, instrumental, and theatrical elements.

Stepping into the
Magical World of Choral Music

Dr. Darius Lim's choral works has inspired thousands of singers across the world. His music has been presented on some of the world’s biggest international platforms such as the World Choir Games, World Youth Choir Festival (Austria), the Schubert International Sing’n’Joy Vienna, CEDROS Choral Festival (Spain) and many others around the globe.

"A Tune is Worth
A Thousand Worlds."

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