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The Star Dance of Elysium

“The Star Dance of Elysium” was composed for the St. Paul’s Co-ed Summer Portal 2023, with the intention of transporting both performers and audience to a realm of pure imagination and wonder. Drawing inspiration from the concept of paradise and the enchantment of beauty, the composition weaves a tapestry of harmonies and melodies, creating an atmosphere of ethereal bliss and joy.

At its core, “The Star Dance of Elysium” revolves around the timeless values of Faith, Hope, and Love. Through its captivating musical narrative, the piece delves into the depths of these virtues, inviting the audience to reflect on their significance in our lives.

The music aims to instill a sense of trust and belief in something greater, embracing hope and igniting a spark of optimism and possibility. “The Star Dance of Elysium” unveils a vibrant musical landscape that paints a vivid picture of this imaginary world, inviting listeners to embark on a sonic journey where imagination knows no bounds and the boundaries of reality dissolve.

Singers are encouraged to craft their own choreography for sections of the work where the choir deems fit. Additionally, the suggested percussion parts may be approached with improvisation.

In the realm of radiant light, A world untold reveals a sight, A melody arises from the voices as they dance!

Credimus in fidem, spem et amorem in aeternum (We believe in Faith, Hope, and Love forever)

sgd 200.00

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